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ClimaGuard SatinDeco

Translucent privacy glass that seems to glow from within.

ClimaGuard SatinDeco is a beautiful, distinctive privacy glass that is manufactured
using the acid-etching process, which actually dissolves part of the glass. The result
is a smooth flat surface that disperses light and transforms transparent float glass into translucent glass that seems to glow from within. It is versatile and easy-to-fabricate:


  • Combine SatinDeco with ClimaGuard Low-E for increased energy savings during any climate or season. Its translucent appearance controls solar heat gain, and diffuses light, reducing reflectivity and glare.
  • Helps projects qualify for USGBC LEED for Homes credits, as well as energy savings from meeting local and regional energy codes. 
  • Can be cut, heat treated, bent, laminated, beveled, insulated and otherwise fabricated like standard annealed glass.  

SatinDeco Performance Data

SatinDeco can be combined with ClimaGuard low-E coatings to provide privacy and energy efficiency. 

SatinDeco Privacy
Visible Light    U-Value
SatinDeco (#4) + 80/70 (#2)79%13%13%41%68%0.6580.2730.314
SatinDeco (#4) + 72/57 (#2)70%14%13%26%55%0.4650.2550.299
SatinDeco (#4) + 71/38 (#2)69%10%12%24% 55% 0.3870.2460.291
SatinDeco (#4) + 70/36 (#2)68%11%13%30%56%0.3620.2500.294
SatinDeco (#4) + 63/31 (#2)62%12%14%23%49%0.3110.2460.290
SatinDeco (#4) + 62/27 (#2)61%13%13%5%39%0.2650.2450.290
SatinDeco (#4) + 55/27 (#2)53%12%17%18%40%0.2740.2450.289
SatinDeco (#4) + 53/23 (#2) 52%12%13%14%38%0.2250.2460.291
SatinDeco (#4) + NU 70 (#2)68%11%13%50%64%0.5560.2960.335

I.G.U. Construction: 3.0mm Clr, 1/2" Air Space, 3.0mm Clr: Air and 90% Argon/10% Air Filled Units, Low-E #2 Surface, etched #4 surface.


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